ALOHA, and welcome to Aerospace Hawaiʻi!

For the past half century, the Hawaiian Islands have played a major role in supporting humankind’s exploration of the Cosmos. Our clear skies and volcanic peaks have made our state a premier site for astronomy and astrophysics. We support our nation’s most sophisticated deep space surveillance site, as well as the world’s largest multi-environment range capable of testing and evaluating surface, subsurface, air and space operations. Our state university and local aerospace companies are pioneering innovative research and development in planetary geosciences, global climate monitoring, satellite communications, solar powered energy systems, and other space-based applications. And our Pacific International Space Center for Exploration Systems is helping catalyze collaborative multinational programs to advance both robotic and human missions to the Moon, Mars and beyond.

We invite you to explore the many facets and advantages of our state’s aerospace industry, and hope you will consider joining us in Hawaiʻi … stepping stones to the stars!