Office of Aerospace Development

The Hawai‘i Office of Aerospace Development (OAD) provides a focal point within State government to facilitate dialogue and coordination among Hawai‘i’s government, private and academic sectors, and between State-based entities and overseas organizations, both public and private, to promote the growth and diversification of Hawai‘i’s aerospace industry. The primary goals of OAD are to:

  • Identify and promote opportunities for expanding and diversifying aerospace-related industries in Hawai‘i, including but not limited to applied optics, astronomy and astrophysics, aviation, space-based applications of dual-use technology, environmental monitoring and remote sensing, satellite communications, and commercial space launch.
  • Catalyze partnerships among local universities and businesses to
    1. improve the relevance and quality of university training to support the growth and diversification of Hawai‘i’s aerospace industry;
    2. identify entrepreneurial opportunities for commercializing innovative spinoffs from basic research; and
    3. facilitate technology transfer from the university to the private sector to expedite commercialization.
  • Assist local universities, companies, research institutions, and other interested organizations in establishing partnerships with corporate, government, and educational entities overseas that can promote and enhance Hawai‘i’s aerospace industry.
  • Promote innovative education and workforce development programs that will enhance public awareness of our State’s aerospace potential and enable local citizens to pursue employment in Hawai‘i’s aerospace industry.
  • Monitor national and global trends in the aerospace industry and recommend programs and policies that can support aerospace industry development statewide.
  • Help leverage aerospace and related technological capabilities in Hawai‘i’s government, academic and private sectors to both support our national space program and facilitate international dialogue toward the design, development and implementation of multinational space exploration initiatives.
  • Serve as a central point of contact for State government that can respond to both local and out-of-state inquiries concerning Hawai‘i’s aerospace-related interests and activities.

OAD is housed within the Hawai‘i State Department of Business, Economic Development & Tourism and may be reached through the contact information below.

Contact: Chung Chang / Telephone: (808) 586-2388 / E-mail: [email protected]

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