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Neel Shah and Katelyn Demyan Win ASA’s 2014 Scholarships

The ASA Scholarship Committee is proud to announce that Neel Shah an Electrical and Computer Engineering Sophmore at Northeastern University, Boston, MA has won the 2014 Edward A. O’Connor Jr. Founder’s scholarship, and Katelyn R. Demyan an Aerospace Engineering & Mechanical Engineering student at West Virginia University has won the Rockwell Collins scholarship. They were selected from a field of over 40 applicants and represent excellence for America’s future aerospace engineers.

ASA thanks Rockwell Collins for their generous donation that make these scholarships possible and Tom Hobson for his tireless efforts in support of ASA’s educational programs.

ASA Establishes State Chapters

On January 17, 2014 Aerospace States Association voted to establish State Chapters:

MISSION: To educate, coordinate, facilitate, and advance the aerospace community within each state through policy development, educational discussions, and focused events, involving state elected and other government officials.

GOAL: Establish active state Chapters in all 50 states and 5 territories within 5 years. The chapter’s primary goal will be to host at least one aerospace educational event each year for their state legislature. Over time, each Chapter is to become a key resource for state policy makers. The Chapter is to become the repository of information for the state’s aerospace community and connection to ASA.

MEMBERSHIP: ASA Members and Associate Members, Government officials and staff, allied organizations and associations, and universities and colleges.

  • The Chair of each chapter will be the Lt. Governor, Secretary of State, or a Governor appointed delegate to ASA. The Vice Chair will be an ASA Member or Associate Member selected by the State ASA Chapter Chair and will actively manage the chapter.
  • The Chapter will meet at least biannually, but not in conflict with the ASA national conference, and at the call of the Chair and/or Vice Chair.
  • The Chapter will seek as many in-state members as possible for the most involved and complete aerospace input into state issues and events.
  • Chapters are required to report on activities at ASA national meetings and provide annual chapter report to ASA.
  • Allied organizations and associations must be approved by the local Chapter and the national ASA
  • Depending on state laws regarding legislative involvement, Honorary Members can be established.
  • Chapters must abide by the 501 (c) (3) non-profit status of ASA
  • FEES & DONATIONS: Each Chapter can decide if annual dues are needed for activities. All monies collected by the chapter including donations for specific events will be sent through national ASA and will be designated for Chapter activities, minus a 10% ASA administrative fee.

ACTIVITIES: Each Chapter is a forum for aerospace policy within a state. Depending on current activities within a state, each Chapter will have the flexibility to incorporate events, merge with other organization’s events, or establish new events. Chapter events should not be designed to compete with established events set up by other organizations. Activities involving the state government are at the invite of the government officials.

Activities can include but are not limited to:

  • Aerospace Day or Week at the State Capitol
  • Policy Symposiums
  • Lunch Lecture Series
  • Policy Forums
  • Panel Discussions
  • Data gathering and coordination
  • Data sharing/best practices
  • Local policy events within a state region
  • Legislative Roundtables
  • Legislative Receptions

ASA will provide staff support as required for state chapter activities if funding is available.

All activities are to be designed to include all entities in support of the aerospace community within that state. The activities are to be inclusive and representative of the state’s aerospace community as a whole.

Each Chapter will maintain information on state activities on the ASA website and social media pages.

ASA will provide staff for Chapter activities, provided sponsorship for such activities is achieved.