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Established in 1990 under the aegis of the U.S.-Japan Leadership Council, JUSTSAP is a unique forum of distinguished scientists, educators, government officials, and business professionals dedicated to identifying and exploring innovative opportunities for international collaboration in space exploration.

JUSTSAP activities are coordinated through individual project teams that focus on the design, development and implementation of advanced communications, remote sensing, renewable energy, resource utilization, and other space-based systems. The goal is to network government, private sector and university-based capabilities and resources in both Japan and the United States to facilitate innovative and cost-effective earth orbiting missions and both robotic and manned exploration of the moon and Mars.

JUSTSAP members convene in Hawai‘i each November to report on individual team projects and plan for future year activities. The United States Secretariat for JUSTSAP coordinates this annual symposium and is housed within the Office of Aerospace Development at the Hawai‘i State Department of Business, Economic Development & Tourism.