Hawaii Aerospace Advisory Committee

The Hawaii state legislature (through Act 52, Session Laws of 2009) established the Hawaii Aerospace Advisory Committee (HAAC) to advise and assist Office of Aerospace Development, the legislature, and state agencies in monitoring, assessing, and promoting aerospace development statewide. The committee is comprised of leading aerospace industry executives, distinguished academicians from across the state, and economic development board representatives from Oahu, Kauai, Maui, and Hawaii – all united with a common purpose of helping the state diversify its economy and to promote innovative education and employment opportunities for residents statewide.

Hawaii Aerospace Advisory Committee Members

Jacqui Hoover – Chair Pro Tem
Hawaii Economic Development Board Representative

Raynald Bedard
Aerospace Industry Representative

Michael Jacobs
Aerospace Industry Representative

Reid Noguchi
Aerospace Industry Representative

James Pasquino
Aerospace Industry Representative

Steve Skladanek
Aerospace Industry Representative

Christine Gayagas
Oahu Economic Development Board Representative

Sandy Ryan
Maui Economic Development Board Representative

David Ma
University of Hawaii at Manoa Representative

Bruce Mathews
University of Hawaii at Hilo Representative

Vacancies (current as of 9/1/2018):
Aerospace Industry Representative
Kauai Economic Development Board Representative
University of Hawaii Community Colleges Representative


Committee Meeting Information

August 31, 2018 Meeting: HAAC Meeting Summary (08/01/2018)

November 14, 2018 Meeting: HAAC Meeting Notice and Agenda (11/14/2018)